Saturday, October 8, 2016

City services

As we approached the new school year, we received notice of multiple city service programs including free health screenings the weeks just prior to the opening of school so that students could get required entrance physicals and sports physicals either free or on a sliding scale. Having spent the last 26 years in a very affluent, more rural suburban town, this simply wasn't offered. Perhaps there is a referral program thru social services to city clinics sponsored by the local hospital but I have never been advised while residing in that town, of any free or low cost physicals. We were simply advised that a physical was required, and it was at our own expense. Luckily, well care physicals have always been covered as preventative medicine under my medical insurance.

I am pleased to see that since technically DS #2 is a local HS student although he attends the transition program for special needs students at the local college, he has access, if desired, to the city's health services programs for students. It's amazing what they offer to the under and uninsured. All free as well.

If we needed to, we'd access them. Luckily, we have "good" insurance coverage.

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