Monday, October 24, 2016

Auto maintenance: tires

With the change of weather, comes the beautiful Fall foliage, and a natural drop in temperatures.


But it also brings on this, PSI light telling, me that my tire pressure is off. After asking DS #1 to test my tires with a gauge, I made plans to go to the Toyota dealership early this morning. No appointment, but if I didn't mind waiting (I did my homework and studying in their waiting room), they will look at it. With me driving 2 nights a week to the next city, a good 35 minutes away, I am not taking any chances. I also still have one tire that was plugged, due to picking up a nail last year.

As luck would have it, my diagnosis was spot on: I only needed more air in all of the tires. Pressure switch reset, I was back on my way, relieved.

Cost: $0 as the tires and the car were purchased here. I'm calling this today's freebie.

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