Thursday, October 20, 2016

An unexpected freebie


I previously posted about how we recently renewed the newspaper delivery subscription:  newspaper, saving considerable costs in the process. Imagine my surprise when a post card arrived, instructing me to go to a website and select a $20 gift card from store of choice. I was torn between Dunkin Donuts and Shoprite, the store that recently opened up nearby, where I have been doing a lot of my Sunday, weekly shopping. I offered both choices to the 2 kids who live at home here. Shoprite won.We'll definately use it. Now, my newspaper costs have dropped even more.


Linda said...

When I was in Food World, there were guys selling a subscription to the newspaper from a large city nearby, Birmingham, AL. For subscribing I got a gift card on the spot from the grocery store. Good deal. I liked the cost of the paper after the gift card. Good deal for you, too. I wish they would do that again.

Anne in the kitchen said...

20 bucks worth of free food is outstanding!

Rachel said...

That is a good deal. About 8 years ago we got a deal where if we subacribed to the newspaper at a low rate, we got a 3day 2 night hotel stay at certain locations. We chose Pigeon Forge Tennessee and had a lovely long, cheap weekend away. All because we subscribed during their promotion period.