Saturday, October 29, 2016

A girl's night out

DS #2 attended a Halloween party last evening, which had me transporting him to a neighboring town for 6 p.m., with pick up being at 9 p.m. I brought DD along for the ride and as we were trying to decide what to do in the interim before picking DS back up, we became hungry so we ended up with an inpromptu girl's night out. With DD's many dietary restrictions, she googled the menus of some local restaurants before we settled on a local, family run diner that we like. I ordered the 3 crab cakes with mashed potatoes, salad with honey mustard dressing, broccoli with cheese sauce, hot tea with lemon. I also had bread and butter. DD ordered the "mini" dinner of fried sea food: 1 crab cake, 2 stuffed clams, fried clams, 1 huge filet of flounder, French fries, chicken noodle soup with saltines, iced tea with lemon. We both brought 1/2 of our food home for today's lunch, including what I'll call extras: the saltines (prepackaged) that came with her soup (she left the noodles behind, eating the homemade broth, chicken and vegetables, butter pats, the remains of our individually filled tubs of tartar sauce, an orange slice, a lemon wedge, 2 smaller lemon slices). We infrequently eat  or order out, and I budget for that monthly. We choose more modest establishments.  The food was all from scratch, the restaurant very clean. 

Since we still had time after dinner, DD suggested heading over to Marshall's as I need to replace my black flats which are very worn and left my feet wet/damp earlier this week, on a rainy evening at college, while walking in from the parking lot. I had debated wearing my rubber Wellies, but after hearing the forecast, I knew that the rain was ending, I'd just have a wet parking lot and side walk to contend with. Cold, wet stockings weren't much fun.

 I have always found Marshall's to be feast or famine when it comes to finding things. I did come home with 4 shoe boxes.
 A pair of black leather ankle boots with an inside leg zipper: Bandolinos. A pair of Clarks black leather, heeled shoes with a cross over design.
 A second pair of Clark's black leather shoes, with a much lower heel, more of a slight heel on the sole of the shoe. Finally, a pair of Ralph Lauren faux snake brown leather loafers. I don't have my reciept in front of me, but I paid something like $49 for the booties, and $35 for 2 of the pairs of shoes, $39 for the last. Comparing prices offered on Zappos, the RL's go for $98, the Clarks were $60 and $75.  I did well, price wise.

 I have been having a lot of trouble trying to wear existing shoes, more are to be donated, due to my swollen toes from PSA. Picture of my lovely swollen, "sausage" toes-a classic sign of Psoriatic arthritis, and my developing bunions, bunionettes.

I also got another, non Teflong omelette pan. The relacement one that I bought not too long ago, started peeling up. Ick. and sad. : (     Hopefully, this Italian one will prove longstanding.


Linda said...

I need a good shoe sale!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Great buy on the shoes. I have had good luck in general with Marshall's although it isn't close to many other places I go, it is worth checking. I don't connect with "PSA" but I know what sore feet feel like--I let my first bunion go until I could only wear ONE pair of shoes--then I had surgery. The other one rarely causes me any pain, so it has not gotten fixed yet. They seem to run in my family but I'm the only one who has had surgery so far.(Co-incidentally, I have excellent insurance!)

CTMOM said...

Marcia-PSA=Psoriatic Arthritis. My toes have swollen as a result, I also already have bunions due to OA=osteoarthritis. Yup, one can have more than one form of arthritis at the same time.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I know. I have gout myself--newly diagnosed. Have had OA for years and years. I'm so old, even my kids have OA. I've had 4 bouts with gout in 12 months. Dr. didn't believe it because it was in my MIDDLE toe not my big toe the first 3 times. 4th time it was in my big toe. We had discussed the medication and tried to live without it--but the 4th time did it for me. Usually prescribed after the 2nd incident in 12 months. Tried to avoid it,but not happening. Two positive blood tests were also in evidence, so he had to believe it. (I love diagnosing myself and going to him for confirmation, and he KNOWS it.) My Dad had psoriatic arthritis too, so I know a little about it. He was always sunbathing and looking very fit but had bad heart disease as well. I got his genes for OA and for peripheral artery disease, but could I have gotten his beautiful teeth???? No, I got Mom's lousy teeth genes!!