Sunday, September 25, 2016

Yup! It's officially Fall in Connecticut

 As I remade my bed yesterday (Saturday is sheet day), I made sure to add an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed.
 My feet were still chilly in my terry scuff slippers, so I had to dig out my LL Bean wicked good slippers. Now, they are nice and toasty!
As I got ready for bed last night, I made sure to grab what I call one of my "Fall nightie's": an old, flannel that has lost much of it's flannel and is thin. More coverage, so it's warmer, but not hot as a brand new flannel nightgown would be.


NAN said...

I wish! It was 90 here yesterday. I am definitely going to bake an apple cake today, heat or not. Fall festival at church in an hour so cake will have to wait though.

meme said...

It is cooler here too in Mass, used two blankets last night on the bed! I love Autumn so the cooler weather feels good to me. I love your wicked good slippers - I bought a pair for my daughter at least ten years one Christmas, and she is still wearing them.

Also - love the color of your bed blanket.

thyme2save said...

Your meals look yummy.

It was 90 degrees at 7 p. m. in Memphis last night. No autumn weather until Monday with a drop to 76, we hope. Then, back to mid-80's. Our house is cooled, so our meals are not seasonal. Soups, chili, casseroles are served year 'round as are grilled foods.

Linda said...

Worn-thin nightgowns are about it for me. The new things are way too hot. Like you say--more coverage is warmer. It is still in the 90s here. My first act of getting warm will be another sheet on the bed.

Belinda said...

The mornings here are cooler, in the mid 60s, but the daytimes are still hot for now. 98 on my car thermometer yesterday. I am looking forward to cooler days soon though. :)

Ellie said...

I have the same P.J.'s. I think of them as my grannie jammies. They do help keep one warm in the winter.
It was 70 degrees in the Memphis area at 6a.m. this morning. The Fall & Halloween decor may be out in the stores but summer lingers on.
Glad you are enjoying some cooler weather in Connecticut.

- Ellie

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We had what a consider a perfect weekend--highest temp was 67, lowest was 43. I don't get up early so it was already up to 60 when I woke up! I pulled the beets that managed to grow and got them into the freezer today.

Busy Bee said...

It's not been cool enough here yet. We're still running the a/c. However, I am starting to see and hear the geese flying over so fall is on its way.