Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Use what you have and avoid waste

Every little bit helps. Pictured is the container that I store beef tallow in. The darker liquid on top is the fat from cooking a hamburger, strained through a seive and allowed to collect in this container below. Once refrigerated, it will harden like the beige tallow seen at the top of the container. I use this in lieu of cooking oils/butter/shortening (we have given up margarine) to save $. I especially like to use this to saute vegetables for a spaghetti sauce that will not contain meat, or if it does, it will have very little. I get the oil I needed for frying and additional beef flavor as well.

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Linda said...

I have done the same thing in a hit or miss fashion. You are so correct that it adds great flavor. Since I can no longer eat anything mammal, I had to give up the meat and all mammal products. So, my vegetables will be less tasty. Now, I do cook vegetables in the remains of chicken in the crockpot.