Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trying to limit spending

Trying really hard to reign in grocery spending. Months of very restrictive grocery shopping while at our former rental, in preparation for our move here, meant that we had a long list. Toss in emptying a freezer and buying a replacement one, meant that I was able to stock up. Factor in a brand spanking new grocery store with awesome loss leaders, our meat supply is looking very nice. Yesterday, I hit Aldi's for a few needs: 1% milk, lemon juice, sugar.

I also popped in next door to Dollar Tree, for some snack crackers, candy and 10 ct boxes of maple oatmeal, something that DS likes. These are bonus count size, so it was appropriate to grab them now.  I've already blown Sept's budget, due to the aforementioned meat buys; no worries, menus are set, we will continue to eat what is on hand, supplement perishables.

Our new normal is a significantly reduced budget, based off of an assumed (my figures may be off a bit) amount that I anticipate will be my monthly retirement pension, even though I will be receiving almost twice that amount for the next 6 months, as I collect my severence pay. Meanwhile, the extra will be banked, as will any income I can come up with for either a PT or a FT position in the field I plan on moving to. My options remain very fluid at the moment, intentionally so, as I reinvent myself.

So far, there was a lunch on the go for one, due to an unexpected hiccup. Problem resolved, monies in budget monthly to cover this type of thing. I also topped up my car today, spending approx. $16-it's been a few weeks.


meme said...

Ugh - today we HAD to have our car repaired....fuel line, fuel pump and something about a sensor unit and other husband deals with the mechanic. Anyway - 750 dollars later it is back in the driveway. (It was at mechanic's since Monday)

Tomorrow I have an unpaid day off from work to go with my husband to his medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. Hopefully tomorrow we will have the date when they will surgically put in his chemo port and the radiation department will be doing some preliminary "work" on him - marking radiation spots on his neck, sizing.

Medical bill came in for pathology from the day of his surgery - 166 dollars after insurance.

It is an expensive week for us.

Busy Bee said...

It is always a nice feeling to know things are stocked and ready.

I have to pick up a few convenience items for my daughter because I will be traveling, but other than that I hope I am stocked for September.