Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trying a new to me, city grocer

Formerly a local family run IGA, C town had taken over this store a few years ago. Having received their ad in the mail, I checked out their prices, noting a few deals, such as this one on a private label,plain, 1 lb, bags of frozen vegetables. I stocked up on 2 of each. A bag covers 2 meals for us. I am planning on quick and easy prep as my course work begins next week. The courses are staggered, with November being the worst, with 4 night classes/week in addition to 2, one 3 hour workshop session each course. With planning, I know that we will get through it, it's short term.

In addition to the vegetables above, I got canned AK wild caught Salmon, 8 oz cans tomato sauce. They also have AP unbleached flour on sale but were out, no one at the customer service desk, customers lined up there and DD, who was with me, needed to get home to get ready for work. I may/not return for flour/rain check. The store is also located minutes from my home.


Busy Bee said...

Awesome! What kind of classes are you taking?

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Good luck on the course work. I'm pretty sure you will find it easy, and you probably know a lot of medical terminology already from your own/family experiences. I did only 3 semesters of my BA as a full time day student, and the rest in night school, so I'm very familiar with the problems of family/household/school attendance. You will be a far more serious student than most of those in your classes!! For most of the time, I was also working full time, so I give my husband lots of credit for taking care of our (then 2) children so many times so I could study and read on weekends as well as attend classes. It was worth the effort, for sure.
I have worked in the medical field and really enjoyed it--although it did not pay all that well when I was working in it, and that is why I left it in 1982. They have had to increase wages since then. Both my daughters worked in the field as well, at least for a while. I actually probably should have stuck with science instead of English--it really still interests me a lot.

CTMOM said...

Busy-I am getting a certificate thru the local community college to become a Medical Administrative Assistant. I figure that this padding of my resume will make me more marketable as I attempt to enter the medical field for employment.