Friday, September 2, 2016

Today's errands


Up early and addressing multiple errands today. After getting ready for the day and helping DS, I had a phone conference call for his educational program at 7:20 a.m., then left at 8 a.m. for a return trip to my rhumatologist, details to follow.

Since I was literally driving right by an Aldi's in another town, I stopped in for a 3 lb bag Paula Reds, a quart of 1/2 and 1/2,  a quart of organic yogurt. $7.77.

Next stop: Dollar Tree. I had seen a 6 (normally they only carry 4 ct) pkg of individual apple sauce cups.

I also had spied some jarred apple sauce, hailing from Poland. I am selective as to where our food products come from, normally preferring USA or Canada as country of origin. European countries are also OK, IMO, as their food laws are often even more stict that those of USA/Canada.

Another reason why this brand is a good pick: made with sugar vs HFCS, which the individual tubs brand uses. Easy way to avoid plastic trash, which I try to avoid. We simply refill ancient Tupperware mini tubs and wash at home.

 Both are 24 oz worth of fruit. Aldi's wants more ($1.29?) for theirs so I decided to grab some at DT, for DS's lunches. I also grabbed the following: 1/2 gallon cleaning vinegar, 4 apple sauce, 2 more of the 10 ct boxes maple oatmeal,  2 each of fzn tater tots and hash browns.

While there, I address some office supply needs as well (love this store for these items!): a 2017 calendar, 1 bundle of 10 manilla folders, a pkg of folder labels (to reuse on written on tabs), a 4 pouch cascading folder for coraling receipts. I recently cleared off my desk, which had become a hot zone, adnd recycled a shoe box, no kidding!, of receipts. I used some of the aforementioned labels are created 4 categories: grocery/restaurant, auto/gas, utilities, other receipts. I am hoping that I can remain better organized. $16.39 grocery, $4.25 household.

Last stop was to a natural foods store for some Lavender essence oil to replenish my pot pourri. $13.18 for a large bottle that will last a long time.


Toni in TN said...

Carol, do you have a set plan to make your monthly menu's? I have never been able to successfully make one work for me and our family. I was thinking about Crockpot Monday. Mexican/Italian Tues. And so on. This way I could just fill in the days with what needs to move on out. Any help would be appreciated!

CTMOM said...

Tori: try searching "menu planning" in the search box on the bottom right of my blog, there are several posts that address this for you. : )

Toni in TN said...

I'll do that! Thanks!!