Saturday, September 3, 2016

Today's baking

This week's baking included a double batch of a family favorite that I haven't made in a while: Old fashioned, prune coffee cake-a recipe harking from the 1930's.

The smell of nutmeg and cinnamon just fills the house.

 Next, I set myself to dealing with the older, fresh fruit. Older apples were turned into an apple pie
 Soft pears and plums were cooked together,
creating a pretty, purple fruit sauce that I will blend with some apple sauce for lunches this week. Avoiding food waste and offering some homemade treats to my family-perfect.


meme said...

mmmm, I can smell your desserts from here ! They sound delicious.

Softie said...

The recipe says 8x8 panbut your photo
Looks like a 9x13 pan.

CTMOM said...
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CTMOM said...

Softie, I made a double batch