Friday, September 23, 2016

Thursday: ziti

 I must have been Italian in a former life! Plenty of pasta on this week's menu. Leftovers, including some extra sauce and a 1/2 pint that didn't seal, were turned into a bolognese sauce using some ground beef, to accompany the bit of sweet Italian sausage that was in a lb container of leftover sauce from earlier in the week.
 A beautiful tossed salad served with a homemade vinaigrette dressing.
 Fresh waxed beans were steamed

DS # 2's dinner plate, with the addition of some Parmesan cheese.


Linda said...

I visited my daughter for a month. She married into an Italian family in NYC and I ate lots of tomato based pasta meals. When I came home, I ate pasta and sauce at least three or four times a week. Before that, I would have spaghetti once ever two or three weeks. That is a delicious looking meal.

meme said...

That sauce looks wonderful ! Even over some Italian bread!

I am working today - from 9-5 - then tomorrow from 12-5 -- with three foster children (respite care). I am very happy about that, I had to take Wednesday off for an appointment with my husband (chemo teach at the Cancer Center), so this extra work will make up for my unpaid day off.