Sunday, September 4, 2016

This week's freebie: dinner out

Last month, DS attended a workshop through his work program and made a connection with a young woman also participating in the same work program, just in another town. Their friendship has continued and her parents invited him (and I since he doesn't drive and we don't know one another) to meet up at a local restaurant for dinner, allowing the kids to see each other again.

Although I offered twice to pay our share, they insisted on covering the whole bill. I took half of my chicken parmesan and penne home, and that's what I have reheated for today's lunch. DS also took 1/2 of his plate home and will probably eat that tomorrow, as he left to spend the day at Dad's, having Brunch/lunch there. So, 2 free meals each, very nice.


meme said...

Sounds like a very nice family !

Lili said...

How very nice, for the both of you. Makes me smile.

thyme2save said...

Such a nice family to invite you to meet them at dinner.