Thursday, September 29, 2016

The decluttering continues; raising cash

Starting in January, in anticiaption of this past Summer's move, I started selling off what we no longer could or wanted to use.  Not wishing to move a ton of food/supplies, we used up a lot of my pantry/freezer food stash as well as cleaning/HBA stash. I also pulled monies out of of food budget as we needed to buy less, due to the aforementioned eating down and using up of what was already on hand. This was a major downsizing for us. I used these monies to offset the cost of moving here (moving company, cable installation, handyman services, acquiring a few household items like slider drapes, new to me dinette set, bath rug etc). I raised $3605.12

When we moved to the last rental home (4 bed 2 bath Colonial), I furnished the den with second hand furnishings: curtains were left by the LL for our use, I bought the LL's couch/love seat with ottoman set for $300/ I bought 2 matching oak side tables $80; an oak tv cabinet $30, 2 matching table lamps and a 3rd matching pole lamp for $50.  A total of $460. I resused the rug that I had bought new for under the kitchen table at the first rental, post divorce. My aim in reselling my furnishings is to minimally get what I paid for them, breaking even.

The condo here has a great room (dining/living combo) where I have placed my living room set. I switched out the lamps, using the den lamps (much more fashionable than the second hand ones I bought post divorce for the livingroom). I recently sold the older lamps to a college kid for the same amount as I paid. I am only "out" the cost of the WM shades that I had to buy. The couch was sold for what I paid for it: $200. The rest of the furnishings (love seat w/ ottoman, 2 oak tables and oak TV stand, area rug) were all moved here, to be used in the den/sewing room on the ground floor. Additionally, a second hand for $10, white table lamp from a 4th bedroom (this is a 3 bed condo) is placed down there along with my recliner. $270 worth of purchased, additional furnishings.

Fast forward and I have found that the room is NOT being used as intended. My "big butt" second hand ($35?) TV out of my former master bedroom was placed down there with the X box for the kids. It was used maybe twice? No reason to keep the extra cable box, which will be returned for a credit on my account, reducing my monthly bill. I am also concerned that the cellar Den will be chilly come Winter. While there is heat/A/C clearly running in the room, it is a carpeted room over cement, off of the garage.  The electric wall heater is also a sign that perhaps it's cold.

Following a dinner table discussion, most of the furnishings are getting sold off. The recliner has been moved upstairs to the living room, as was the X box. I sold the area rug last night, netting $30. The ottoman is scheduled to be sold to the couple who bought the matching couch from me (I reached out to them prior to posting it to local tag sale sites)this weekend, netting an additional $30. I already posted the love seat for sale (sadly, the couch couple can't use it in their-otherwise they would have bought it, too), along with a pkg of vacuum cleaner bags from my old vacuum that I just replaced. All 3 oak pieces will be listed, along with a lamp, the tv (which I may* just put up on Freecycle). I don't have a lot invested in these pieces, they served me well, I wish to continue to downsize. This condo is temporary for us; I hope to stay 2 years (the length of DS's transition program) and then, perhaps, purchase a 2 bedroom for myself on/near the bus line.

Getting those pieces out of the Den will also inspire me to finally sort through the contents of large boxes still stored down there of mostly "sewing." I intend to downsize that as well, set up a sewing area that is convenient. Wednesdays are my scheduled mending days and I really haven't been able to access my sewing machines, which are set up, due to the clutter that remains with those boxes. The mending is piling up (mostly towels)and I'd like to tend to it soon.


Busy Bee said...

I'm trying to downsize my "craft" room. It is hard for me to do. I am always afraid that if something goes I'll need it in the next few weeks. Hang over from my depression era grandparents' practices I suppose.

CTMOM said...

Busy-I hear* you. I have some quality fabrics, acquired free/cheaply that I have yet to use. Life circumstances had had me move in 2012, 2014, and 2016. I anticipate another move come 2018. It gets tiring. The less I have to move, the less I have to pay. If I'm not using it, why keep it? This is a bulky stash (I have several, HUGE boxes to cull through). Sure I could save it for grandchildren some day-that's probably 10 years away. Minimizing is very freeing.

Linda said...

I have done a final declutter of fabric. There is still lots there. Now, it needs to be sorted into categories and put back into boxes so it is easier to use. I use boxes that are about 14x14 so it is not hard for others to help me. That dimension was the only size available and in bulk and free. The same size stacks more easily.
Practical Parsimony.

Grammy Goodwill said...

"Minimizing is very freeing." I agree with this so much. I love reading your posts for this reason. I still have some of my kids' toys that they don't want and I finally tried selling them on a local Facebook page. No luck. I may try a local flea market where the table rent is $10. I'll let you know if that works.

CTMOM said...

Grammy, I'd hold out a bit. The holidays are fast approaching, you may just be able to quickly sell them. Have you checked out what others are asking for similar items? Have you tried selling stuff off as bundles or a lot? HTH