Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday supper

Sunday supper this week was a marinated, London broil that we grilled out. Sides included: boiled, Red Bliss potatoes with butter and no salt, garlic-herb seasoning

 Steamed cauliflower with no salt, all purpose seasoning
 Cabbage, multi colored peppers and onions fried in reserved bacon fat, seasoned with black pepper, parsley. Other than a bit of steak, there were no leftovers, including the dessert I made below.   DS#1 and GF joined us.
 Here are the bulk of ingredients used to try a new recipe: Caramel apple coffee cake  The inspiration was the dregs of a container of sour cream that needed to be used up (not pictured) and the lurking jar of caramel dessert sauce.
The finished cake. I liked that I was able to bake it off in my counter top, convection oven. Nice and moist, will definately make this again. One adaptation I made was to add some Penzey's baking spice to the streusel topping; I found it strange that the recipe didn't call for any spices there. I also substituted solid shortening (trying to use it up) in place of butter for the actual cake batter. Butter was used for the streusel topping.


Busy Bee said...

Does the counter top oven save a lot on electricity? I'm trying to decide if I would be justified in buying one.

CTMOM said...

Busy Bee, I've only ever had an electric oven, until I moved here. With electric ovens, yes, I save a ton by doing as much as possible in the mini convection oven; CT has very high electric rates. Bonus is that it also doesn't heat up the house like a range oven would. Seems silly to cook an 8 inch square cake in a huge oven. : )

Lee Ann said...

If you need Vanilla go to Penzeys before the price goes up on the 22nd!