Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday supper: turkey pot pie

 I started with a mire poix again, using reserved poultry fat as the base. I later added flour, black pepper, poultry seasoning and let that cook off a bit, forming a paste around the softened vegetables. I added The frozen assets (turkey/gravy, gravies)
 Here's the finished sauce.
 Meanwhile, I chopped the turkey from the bag
 Placed it in a Pam sprayed 13 x 9 x 2, and added some frozen peas. No need to cook them, they will be baked off.
 I added the contents of the Dutch oven, and stirred well to combine.
 I unrolled the puff pastry

Then cut it into rectangles to fit the pan. Baked @ 350 for 40 minutes.
Fresh out of the oven. I decided against doing squash as well. There was plenty here.

A supper plate. There is enough leftover for a planned over dinner for Tues, my first evening of classes.

Side salad with choice of dressing.


Linda said...

That looks delicious! I would have put in green beans instead of peas. But, that's me. It looked like plenty without squash. I am going to have to try the canned puff pastry one day. Soon, it will be cool enough to turn on the oven. The planned over dinner will come in handy. Do you ever cook and freeze meals ahead for other weeks?

meme said...

Your turkey pot pie resembles what I put together last night for my daycare children today at lunch....five plates of food, sadly four plates went in the trash....they did not like it. I have a lot of lunch waste every day in daycare. We are required to serve each component of the meal to the child - even if I know they won't even take a bite.

I just try to tell myself, whether they eat it or not - I have to serve it and consider the food "gone".

But - I loved my turkey dinner last night! I have an entire turkey breast waiting for me in the fridge to carve and make a dinner out of --- I am thinking turkey rice soup.

CTMOM said...

Meme, Ugh! That would be upsetting. Would they eat soup? open faced turkey sandwiches? turkey salad? turkey cubed and added to a pasta salad? turkey tacos?