Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunday supper this week: Beer battered Whiting fillets

Sunday supper was beer battered Whiting, using fzn fillets, tater tots, roasted Butternut, coleslaw. It's a messy way to cook fish, but for a once in a while, Sunday treat, fine. It was very, very good.


Carol Farley said...

They look delicious! I presume you use a deep fryer to make them? I don't like frying as I don't like the clean up that is involved and I need to keep my cholesterol under control. But, once in awhile I will indulge when eating out. Do you think these could be made as 'oven fried' which would be more in line with my low fat diet? Thanks in advance.

CTMOM said...

Carol Farley, I actually use a large cast iron skillet. I don't fry much, this is a treat. Yes, once could attempt to oven fry but the texture would be very different, the beer batter won't adhere to the fish. I did just find this on line: http://www.food.com/recipe/oven-fried-fish-166005

Carol Farley said...

Thanks for that link and as your mention I am sure they would be good but not the same, etc. The first time I had 'fish and chips was years ago on a trip to England and so each time we go I will indulge and of course here, once in a while, too. I will try making them and using the splatter screen to cut down on the mess. ;)