Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday cooking: breakfast and supper

 Sunday breakfast today: scrambled eggs, leftover turkey sausage, (not pictured) OJ and hazelnut coffee, Aldi's brand cinnamon rolls, baked off in the mini convection oven.  Anyone looking for lunch later on can help themselves to a cup/bowl of leftover lentil soup.
Sunday supper doesn't look to exciting just yet: it will, however, take advantage of several frozen assets: the remenants of a box of puff pastry, a pint jar of homemade poultry stock, a bag of fzn cooked turkey. a tub with just a bit of mustard-cream sauce from a previous meal (pork I think it was), a second tub with homemade poultry stock, a taller container with turkey and gravy (looks a bit freezer burned on the top, so if I can, I will try to salvage the bottom portion. No great loss if I can't. The bulk of what I've taken out of the freezer are bits of this and that, leftovers tucked away for a future meal.

I also brought up 3 Red Bliss potatoes, and am onion. I will add mushroom, celery, carrots, fzn peas to the dish:  homemade turkey pot pie with puff pastry topping. A side salad will accompany, along with baked Acorn squash.  I didn't get my baking done yesterday, I may* make an apple cake today.

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meme said...

We are having a turkey dinner tonight too. I have two turkey breasts roasting in the oven now, where they have been most of the morning. Sides today will be stuffing, mashed potato, a vegetable of some sort, cranberry sauce. The remaining turkey will be sliced for another meal - I know I will get two more full meals out of the leftovers (including lunches for my five daycare children).

I am working today from 12-5 doing respite foster care. This morning I was at CVS taking advantage of sales plus coupons and extra bucks for things needed in the house. The laundry is done, the house is clean, I am just enjoying another 25 minutes reading blogs before two foster children come.