Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shopping the freezer

Took advantage of a loss leader a few weeks ago and bought the maximum amount allowed of Deli ham, freezing 1/2. Needing more sandwich fillings after lunches were made this morning, I have defrosted this reserved pkg for the upcoming week. Love shopping the freezer and taking advantage of awesome prices. I think* I paid $2.99/lb for this Deli meat. Other options available include tuna salad, hard boiled eggs which I will turn into egg and olive salad for tomorrow, and 1 sandwich's worth of bologna.


meme said...

When you say egg and olive salad - are you talking about putting regular sliced up green olives? I have never heard of that with egg salad - but love olives.

CTMOM said...

Meme, yes, I chop the eggs first, using a pastry blender of all things (trick I learned from Mom), add sliced, green olives, mayo, black pepper. I'm originally from MA, lots of friends also had this at lunchtime, if not also cream cheese and green olive as a sandwich spread.
Maybe it's a regional thing?

Anne in the kitchen said...

I grew up in the south and we often had cream cheese, olive and chopped pecan sandwiches, so maybe not so regional.

meme said...

I do know all about the cream cheese and olive, but not the egg and olive - and I am in MA - always have been.

I am going to try this "new to me" sandwich this weekend for lunch.