Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Proteins for lunch

 Since Fri, the offerings in the refrigerator meet drawer have become slim pickings. Priority goes to DS who totes a sandwich daily to school/work six days/week, and DD who can either take a sandwich or reheat leftovers. As of Sat, I had a bit of Pepperoni, some Deli ham, one cooked hotdog. I have been enjoying homemade soups for the most part.

 As well as some sandwiches: the last of the egg-green olive on oat bread.
DS #1's GF only had one piece of fish on Sunday, so I had a nice piece leftover to warm up on Mon, and serve on wheat bread with homemade tartar sauce and Romaine. I also finished the leftover coleslaw. With chillier nights, I am back into the habit of having a cup of herbal tea before bed. Here I am using 2 saved tea bags to glean yet another cup at lunch. Works for me.

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