Saturday, September 3, 2016

Planning ahead: October 2016 menus

I am a planner, it's the only way I know on how to get it all done. I've tweaked the September menus ( to reflect the 2 nights that I will not be home for dinner with the kids. Now on to October:

This is my actual calendar that I use for menu planning. The blue outlined boxes are all evenings when again, I will not be home for dinner with the kids. We moved "dinner with Dad" from Wed to Tues nights already, so as to accomodate special needs son's work schedule. We'll continue with that, leaving DD, 24, on her own for supper.  I've asked DD to see if she can only be scheduled for morning shifts on Thurs, allowing her to be home with DS in the evening to ensure that he eats, gets to bed on time.

 I am continuing with my day of the week themes for simplicity: Sun: big meat/provide planned overs, Mon: planned overs, Wed:  I can cook, Th: Crock Pot soups, Fri: I can cook, Sat: soup/sandwich night. My health and pocketbook thanks me for my efforts.

 Knowing that my handwriting is hard to read, here's what is on deck for October:

2-roast turkey breast (fzn), mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, can of cranberry sauce (lurker), can gr/wax beans
3-turkey tettrazini, l/o mixed beans from Sun
5-baked Whiting (fzn), brown rice, steamed carrots
6-CP: lentil soup with hot dog (fzn) "pennies"
7-quinoa-black bean patties, veg TBD
9-meatloaf (fzn ground meats beef/chicken), mashed potatoes, can beets
10-l/o meatloaf and potatoes, corn
12-fzn beef stew
13-CP: chicken noodle soup (use fzn stock)
14-CP: turkey-pinto chilli (dried beans), corn bread
16-chicken (fzn bone in) cacciatore over rice, salad
17-l/o cacciatore sauce over linguini, salad
19-CP: lazy golumbki casserole (use fzn beef), green beans
20-CP: split pea soup w/ fzn meaty ham bone
21-kielbasa (fzn), can baked beans, coleslaw
23-marinated London broil (fzn), oven fries, (fzn) sprouts with bacon (fzn), salad
24-pepper steak over brown rice, veg TBD
26-CP: Swiss steaks (fzn cubed beef), egg noodles, veg TBD
27-CP: turkey-rice soup
28-hotdogs (fzn) in buns (buy), baked beans (make in CP), coleslaw
30-pork chop (fzn) bake, can beets
31-chicken burgers (use fzn grnd meat) on buns (buy), coleslaw

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