Saturday, September 3, 2016

Planning ahead: November 2016 menus

November is going to be rough, no question. In addition to the blue outlined dates where I will have evening classes, there will be 5 days that month, when I also have morning classes. I am being proactive and planning ahead. Here are the November menus:

2-CP: sloppy joes (fzn beef, canned sauce) on buns (buy buns), salad (using CP to keep the SJ's warm, I will cook them on the stove in the morning)
3-CP: Senate bean soup
4-CP: calico beans (use dried), hot dogs (fzn) on buns (buy)
6-roast turkey breast (fzn), mashed potato, steamed carrots
7-CP used to keep warm: turkey in homemade gravy over l/o potatoes, steamed peas (fzn)
9-CP: turkey-dried pinto chilli, homemade corn bread
10-CP: turkey-noodle soup
11-baked chicken (fzn), brown rice, veg TBD
13-Birthday celebration TBD
14-CP: dried pintos with meaty ham bone, homemade corn muffins (bake on Sun)
16-baked ziti w/ cheese, salad
17-CP: chicken-vegetable soup (use fzn stock)
18-apple-chicken sausage (fzn)quiche (buy pie crust), salad
20-marinated London broil (fzn), oven fries, veg TBD
21-CP to keep warm: steak fajita filling served in soft tortillas, salad
23-tradition: take out pizza as I do Thanksgiving prep
24-Traditional Thanksgiving, menu to de finalized later
27-baked penne with sausage/cheese; salad, broccoli (buy)
28-CP: "pulled pork" using turkey, served on buns, coleslaw, fzn tater tots
30-CP: lentil soup with sausage


Softie said...

What classes are you taking?

Softie said...

I just read the other post that answered my question about the classes. That sounds like a good career field. Good luck inyour endeavor!