Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mind your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves

This is a "what to do with the dregs" post.

After making a sandwich for DD to take to work today, I noted that little remained in the small jar of Grey Poupon. I used a rubber spatula and transferred those dregs to a new jar. I then poured just a bit of vinaigrette into the GP jar, capped it and shook it so as to "clean it" of residual mustard. The liquid was added back to the vinaigrette cruet. The jar is now washing in the dishwasher, most likely to be repurposed to store some herbs.

The ketchup was treated the same way: dregs added to a new, awaiting bottle but this time, I added just a bit of water to the bottle, again capped it and shook it clean. You can see the "tomato water" above. I added this tomato water to my CP of taco soup. The now empty ketchup bottle was rinsed through, using the soapy water that has been in my dishbin all morning. It is now recycled.

While I tend to pay little for condiments, relying heavily upon store sales and ideally, a coupon stacked on top of it, or a Dollar Tree purchase, I avoid food waste where ever I can. I won't become wealthy overnight this way, but saving pennies here and there really does add up!


Lee Ann said...

Good ideas.

Linda said...

I call them "small economies."

young77 said...

I also do this. In addition, I will add a splash of balsamic vinegar to the dregs left in a jam jar and will make a vinaigrette for salads. Shirley

Busy Bee said...

Great tips!

I find the one thing I end up with too much of is pickle

CTMOM said...

Great for cabbage salads or slaws. Can also use to make fresh pickles.

Belinda said...

This is a great tip. I do the same thing with spaghetti sauce in the jars. Saving those pennies adds up. :)