Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day canning is done

My recent ailments have meant that I simply can't (at least for the moment) do marathon canning sessions as I have always done. Recently, I canned 1/2 of the  tomatoes, today, I did the rest and made some herb seasoned, salt free tomato sauce. A total of 45 pints (4 had to be reprocessed from yesterday).


Linda said...

That is a lovely array that will be delicious this winter! Since I cannot have citrus, I am not sure about tomatoes, so I canned none this summer.

Belinda said...

Looks terrific, Carol. It will be nice to have this winter when the garden fresh tomatoes will be gone. :)

slugmama said...

The farm I go to stopped PYO maters this year so the price to obtain them was too dear and I don't grow enough myself to can them.
I will be buying peppers for my pepper relish this week to can as I usually can that every other year and I didn't make it last year.

Barbara Gantt said...

Linda, you can use vinegar instead of lemon juice in the tomatoes. They freeze good too.

I love canned tomatoes. This was a good tomato growing year in Vermont. They loved this hot dry weather. Nothing else liked it.