Monday, September 26, 2016

Just the specials, with a few top ups

 Some great deals to be had at my local Shoprite, taking advantage of some large coupons this week as well. Herbal tea on sale plus BOGO cpns translated into paying $1/box, cocoa on sale (can't yet find it at Aldi), chips, store junky white bread @ 88, mini apple streudel @ $2.49 w/ store cpn, 6 ct apple crisp donuts to try, after being left disappointed with the ones bought for $$ at the orchard. I think I like these better, not to mention that they are $4/doz cheaper. I also bought (not pictured) 2 cans of chicken breast @ $1.89 after sale and cpn, 4 cans SR albacore @ 99, 4 cas Progresso heat and eat soup @ 83 after sale and cpns, 2 bottled Juicy juice @ $1.49 after sale plus cpn, 4  pkgs Premio hot/sweet Ital sausage @ $2.49 afte sale plus cpns,  SO almond milk @ $2.19 after sale plus cpn, 2 blocks Biazzo mozzarella @ $1.99, 1 8 oz pkg Sargento shredded pizza blend cheese @ 88 w/ store cpn,
Awesome deals on taxables: Tresemme was on sale 2/$6. Add $5 off of 2 cpns, I paid 50 CENTS a bottle. It is sitting nicely in my cabinet. 3 huge boxes Scotties tissues @ $1.16 after sale plus cpn.

Total spent: $50.78. Without doing my monthly tally, I know I am over. Great deals.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Wow you got some seriously good deals!

CTMOM said...

Anne, we are living now on what I based (estimated) my retirement income will be, effective March 1. I'm overspending I am certain, on my modest budget, BUT feel that I would be a fool NOT to take advantage of these deals.

Belinda said...

Great deals, especially on the Tresemme.