Friday, September 30, 2016

Household goods on a budget

I do believe in buying quality goods,  just on a budget. I recently noticed that each bathroom has had a shortage our hand towels (and noting that several were in the mending basket), there just wasn't  enough. I made a mental note to look for neutral colored towels the next time that I was at a second hand shop.

I went to three today, striking out at #1, a hit or miss situation and at #2, I was stunned to see that the store is being emptied out. Salvation Army, a long time fixture of Main Street in this city, is closing. More surprising as within the past few years, a major upgrade with some structural repairs was done to the building. Always found plenty of clients whenever I stopped in. This is one of 4 SA thrift stores that will permenantly close as of the end of business tomorrow. There was little left, I found nothing so I moved on to my third destination: Savers.

2 Laura Ashley towels. One is more of a light beige while the other is more golden for the Powder room, which has a golden beige wall paint.
 2 FieldCrest towels in beige/cream
2 JC Penny home towels in creamy white.

I paid $1.99 each and they are all in excellent, like new condition. $12 and change with tax-less than one regularly priced towel.


Ellie said...

The hand towels were a great find. Especially the Field Crest ones. One of my pet peeves is that towels just don't hold up like they used to when they were made in the United States. The towels I purchased in 1990 held up for 26 years. The bottoms are just starting to unravel. ( I plan to mend them, like you do.) New towels made in Pakistan, Turkey, or India (even high quality brands) just don't seem to dry as well or last more than 5 years.
Savers is a terrific place to find gently used clothing and household goods.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We don't have Savers either. I bought some hand towels and wash cloths just a few months ago at Target, after looking several other places. They have not proven satisfactory at all. They started out a light beige, and after washing them all a uniform number of times, the towels have faded to almost white, while the wash cloths are if anything, a shade darker then they started out. They are not holding up that well either--the threads seem to be short and poking out in strange places.s I only needed a couple sets and thought I'd try something different than my usual Sam's Club towels. Bad choice. I will be going either with Sam's Club or a better department store brand when I need to replace them, sooner than necessary! I check the Goodwill frequently but towels are rare, and decent towels are rarer still.

CT Bargain Mom said...

The Salvation Army store close to us is closed now too. It's sad because they used to take vouchers from social services and the homeless shelter nearby. I wonder what those folks will do now. The closest Savers is 45 minutes from that location.

Carrie A. said...

I found that Wal-Mart has made in USA towels. I have a set of bath Nd hand towels fir each bathroom and they have held up well fir the almost 2 years I have had them. Color has stAyed true and no fraying.

meme said...

Kohls is having a sale today on their "big ones" towels for 2.99. I have bought some before and found them to hold up well.