Saturday, September 3, 2016

Getting rid of big stuff: the freezer

I replaced my freezer ( and was left with the old one. The delivery company told me that while they couldn't take it away the day that they delivered the replacement, they could return at a future date and take the old one away for me. The driver assumed that there would be a charge, and gave me a contact phone number.

I've had good luck on social media, so I posted it for free, clearly describing my dissatisfaction with it, offering it up to use "as is" or sell for scrap. I really didn't care, just needed it out of here. A young couple willingly took it off of my hands, they had just bought a home together and this would be awesome. I again reiterated that I stopped storing anything in the door as I felt that it just wasn't frozen enough. No concern, they were thrilled to take it off of my hands. They arrived at the agreed upon time, and took her away. Problem solved, and at no further cost to me.

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