Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting my ducks in a row


The past few weeks, in particular the past few days, have found me getting all of my ducks in a row as I prepare to return to coursework as I transition to a new career field.

-menu plans set for the next few months
-household cleaning chart worked out and followed, so as to stay on top of household cleaning
-groceries topped up, including some quick to table items such as canned chicken breast and tuna
-paperwork culled thru, a lot recycled
-staying on top of some reimbursements: going thru my on the desk files daily as a means to remind myself
-going week by week to ensure that DS #2 has someone (ideally) at home with him to facilitate his remaining on schedule with meals, studying, showering and bedtime. I will be gone from 5-10 p.m. roughly. So far, it looks like I have this week covered: DD will be home Tues and I've asked DX to do dinner with Dad on Th while DD is working until 8, which is roughly the time that DS would be returning home.
-keeping an ongoing lit of "to do's" so as not to let anything get lost in the shuffle

Luckily, the way my classes are starting, I will be easing slowly into this. This is the first week, and I will be traveling to another city (the main campus) to take one course, while the remaining 4 are offered right here in my own city. The 2 x's week commute will take place for 4 of the 8 weeks, before additional coursework here starts. Another factor is that the commuting will only be for 8 weeks, ending just as the chance for rough weather begins come mid November.

This is for the short term, I am trying to reduce it's impact. Anything that I am missing?


Linda said...

Is your car ready with coat, blanket, water, flares or whatever you will need in case of emergency? From October on, I keep a coat in the car, just in case. Weather changes on a dime sometimes, not forecast.

Good luck on classes.

mikemax said...

Take a snack to school with you. If you have to eat before 5 and be gone until 10, you're going to be starving.

CTMOM said...

Max, yes, snacks and a refillable water container will be brought with me. I bought some peanut butter prefilled crackers, have trail mix, apples, etc. to tide me over, although I will eat soemthing* for dinner before I hit the road at 5 p.m.

CTMOM said...

Linda, I've found, IME, that weather forecasts are very accurate. Sudden changes as you describe, I have witnessed down South. That said, yes, my vehicle is prepared and I have roadside assistance plan on my insurance, should it be needed, a fully charged cell phone, snacks, water, a blanket, etc. Good reminders.

Linda said...

Get a cell phone charger for your car. They are cheap. Don't get the ones that charge quickly because they also don't give a long charge. You probably know someone with an extra one. I keep a charger in the car that can go into the cigarette lighter, into usb port and into wall. It may not be weather you need to prepare for, maybe a road closing due to an accident. Then, a chill won't be good for you.

Linda said...

Even if you are not starving as Mikemax said, a little snack even when not hungry will boost your concentration and enhance your ability to remember. Well, a turkey sandwich is not going to help you in

I carry Pep-O-Mint Life Savers to help me stay awake on the road. Get them and use them for clarity of mind. Nothing else works so well. Get the brand, not something else you just like.

CTMOM said...

Linda, yes, I do have a heavy duty cell phone charger that stays in the port in my car. I will travel a short distance to get to the interstate highway, to the city where the main campus of the college is located, again just off of the highway. Not crazy about having to commute (this one class is not yet offered in my city and I wish to complete this certification program by Jan) Multi lane highway, so hopefully never a full closure!