Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday night pizza night

 DS #1  and GF are joining us again for pizza tonight. With an eye to economy, I have planned all week to make my own. The dregs of this purchased spaghetti sauce will be used on one pizza while the 8 oz can of sauce will be doctored up for another. Toppings will include sliced onion, black pepper, as well as multicolored peppers from the freezer.

A selection of cheeses on hand: the small wedge at the bottom is the bit of open Parmesan I still have left (2 Tbsp of it tops each pizza), the baggie above it contains l/o Monteray Jack and NY extra sharp Cheddar, additionally, I have 1/2 of an opened block of Mozzarella leftover from last week (upper right) and just below that, I just purchased 1/2 wheel of Provolone.

Precooked and sliced, sundried tomato sausages prepared earlier in the week, l/o cooked bacon from last Sunday, Pepperoni will offer protein.

A green salad will accompany, with choice of dressing.


Ms. Sandie said...

Glad to see that the relationship with your son and his girlfriend has been repaired since they moved out on their own.

CTMOM said...

They come by quite often. : )

meme said...

oh - you are definitely going to have to post a picture of those finished pizzas!!!! They sound so good - I am getting really hungry for dinner !

Linda said...

Laughing here. Unhappy kids WILL come by to eat. And, that's okay. It all looks scrumptious even though it is not assembled.