Friday, September 9, 2016

DIY house cleaning

For years, I had a Nanny-housekeeper. Once the kids aged out of needing her services, we were back to just me doing the bulk of the housework. Fast forward with divorce in '12, I engaged the services of a once a month cleaning company, as I simply didn't have the time, and had difficulty due to osteoarthritis. 

Since moving here, I did interview several cleaning companies, some licensed cleaners, some under the table. With me currently being on leave, it didn't seem to make sense to hire someone again, especially as I had to reduce my household budget to reflect my impending retirement income (approx 52% of current salary). 

I devised a calendar of sorts, with tasks assigned each day. 
Sun: grocery shop, Swiffer, clean mirrors/tvs 
Mon: clean cat box, empty waste baskets into kitchen trash and take all to trash bin for pick up on Tues, replacing trash can liners as needed; vacuum rugs, swiffer 
Tues: Swiffer, clean stairs, dust 
Wed: Swiffer, mending 
Th: cat box, trash bins again, vacuum rugs 
Fri: clean bathrooms, swiffer 
Sat: farmer's market, swiffer, bake for upcoming week 

The kitchen is tended to daily. Fresh hand and kitchen towels are replaced daily. As additional chores are unearthed (such as I notice that the scatter rugs by the doors need to be shaken outside or washed), they are tended to. 

So far, this is working for me. This may change once I start my classes, and should I get a PT job. 

I am also using up what little remains from my cleaning supply stash; we're moving to natural based, homemade cleaners whenever possible. I have a large, handled bucket that I tote with me when I clean. It contains: 

-spray Pledge (will return to lemon oil on a flannel rag when this is gone; I have several cans on hand) 
-a bottle of Windex (will move to a HM version when this is gone) 
-Murphy's oil soap and an additional wood floor cleaner 

-Ajax scouring powder
-a bottle of Resolve spot cleaner for carpets 
-old tooth brush, scubbing brushes, assorted rags/microfiber cloths 
-a bottle of generic "tilex" for mold removal (will try just diluted bleach when this is gone) 
-a bottle of Dawn-vinegar solution for most all purpose cleaning (not marble/granite in bath and kitchen) 
-a bottle of Peppermint Dr Bonner's all purpose castille soap solution as an all purpose cleaner 

I do have a Swiffer and a mini stockpile of generic Swiffer cloths, I will use them up. move to just a microfiber 
I also have an OCedar dry mop with 2 replacable covers for the "swiffering" that I do almost daily-great on cat hair. I tend to wash and replace the covers at least once/week. I have an old, but still works, Sears canister vacuum (floor head attachment is duct taped onto the vacuum pole)


Linda said...

When I was in school full-time and working and then when I was working full-time, I, too, had a schedule. My time was so short that sometimes I would clean the tub one day, clean sink the next, clean commode the next, clean floor the next day. When I was in school, I cleaned the whole house between semesters whether the house needed it or not. It was what worked! It was the time I had! I understand your schedule.

Arden said...

Sounds like a great idea although personally I would rather eat glass than go to our local stores on Sunday. Way too busy and crowded.

CTMOM said...

I go very early, no crowds