Friday, September 30, 2016

Entertainment on the cheap

I love public libraries . . just saying. While my former town library has many more financial resources and therefor benefits, I am finding the city library quite accomodating, especially considering the financial constraints that they have to work under. A friend told me about a soon to be published book, which would be of interest to me. I can't afford to buy books, so I turn to the library. While the city library doesn't use the statewide Bibliomation sharing service, they do use another one, whose name I can't recall. Additionally, if not found on their service, the city library accept requests for purchases. I put in a request, not expecting anything to come of it.

A few days ago, I received an e-mail, alerting me to a hold at the front desk. This is now sitting on my night table:

 While I was there, I also took out a book by an author I like:

So, while my college reading and studying will keep me busy, these additional reads will entertain me for free.


Lili said...

I love our library, too. I read a much larger variety of books, simply because of the library. Enjoy your new reads!

kelley said...

I love my library too...put a quarter in a jar for each item I check the end of the year the money is donated to the library...I get audio books for my longish ride to and from work...besides all the books I can carry!