Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Decorating for the season: Fall

Pictured is the straw wreath that I've used on my door for YEARS! This particular one was stored in my "Fall decoration" tub on the storage shelved in the garage. I have one per season, with the exception of Christmas that has several due to the tree decorations. The ribbon of the aforementioned was faded, and by choice, I previously only had a spray of leaves on one side. Time to refurbish. Culling through my tub, I found plenty to fill the complete wreath this time, and some remenant Fall themed ribbon to use as well.I also pulled out a small, decorated basket for one of the side tables in the living room.

Cost: $0 as everything was already on hand.


Lili said...

Very nice, Carol! I love that you were able to use what you had on hand to refresh your decor!

Belinda said...

Beautiful! I love the fall colors. :)