Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Daily stock taking

After dinner, I like to do a stock take of the fridge, see that I am set for the next day.

 Leftover containers prepared for lunch at home (me) or work (DD)

This is the meat drawer. Looks like I have a ton in there but it is really an assortment of prepped proteins. A tub of l/o bacon for bfst or upcoming Friday night pizza night, 2 1/2 of the sausages from making quiche are presliced for pizza in another tub. The larger/wider tubs to the right contain tuna salad, some sliced ham.

 On top is Pepperoni for pizza, some bologna, a bag with hard boiled eggs. Plenty of sandwich fixings for the next few days for DS to take to school/work.
 The door also looks good, starting to run low on milk.


Busy Bee said...

I try to take stock after supper to make sure I have things planned for the next day's meals. I have some planned overs we will be using up.

CTMOM said...

Busy, food is expensive, using leftovers/planned overs is smart use of one's resources. I absolutely hate wasting food, it symbolizes a waste of my time, money and energy. I work hard to keep our food budget low, yet continue to offer a variety of foods, some organic, including the occassional treat.