Friday, September 9, 2016

Crash and burn finds

DD was working all day and wouldn't make it to the Mall before it closed, so she asked me to pick up a new eyebrow pencil, which she would reimburse me for. I had a few needs to fill for supper last night, so I stopped in at a Stop and Shop before heading back home. I got the milk, organic salad greens, hot dog buns on my list but also snapped up these bargains: Rye-Pumpernickle bread $1.24, store brand hazelnut nonfat dairy creamer $0.74, a 4 pack of Jello pudding cups for DS's lunches $1.29, 2 store brand Greek yogurts @ $0.59 ea, 3 Oikos by Dannon Greek yogurts @ $0.66 each. Love paying half price because a package is damage, as in the case of the pudding cups (torn paperboard) and creamer (top of cap is broken off) or it's near expiration (bread and yogurts).


mikemax said...

One of stores in my town changes hands next week. They have had some hellacious deals on meat (boneless pork loin and ground beef) and I imagine it's because the new owners don't want "used" meat, LOL. I'm going in as soon as the new owners start and see what they have in the crash'n'burn department. There are probably some packaged goods that the new owners don't want to continue stocking.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Oh what fantastic deals!