Saturday, September 17, 2016

Clean out version of what I am calling "taco soup"

Thanks for the suggestions. After reviewing them, I decided upon cobbling together the following ingredients to make today's Saturday soup:  taco soup.

ingedients used:
-baggie of leftover ground chicken breast/black bean taco filling
-baggie from freezer of leftover ground beef/black bean taco filling
-pint of tomatoes
-can of low salt pink beans, rinsed well
-about 1 cups worth of leftover, kernal corn
-about 1/2 cups worth of diced tomato
-about a 1/2 cups worth of sliced onion, now diced
-1/2 a can's worth of black olives, sliced
-approx. 2 qts chicken stock, some reconstituted using reserved ramen noodle packets, some froze homemade bone broth
-not pictured: some of my no salt, homemade taco seasoning

This is now in a Crock Pot to cook/simmer all day. I am thinking of making some cornbread/muffins to accompany.

It seemed a bit watery/soupy so I added the rest of a jar of ditallini to the soup-perfect! Here's my soup bowl.


Hawaii Planner said...

I love any recipe where I can use up random bits from the freezer & fridge. Looks great!

The Quiet Hooker said...

I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! As a newly single mom to three, it's really helpful to me!


NAN said...

Looks good. I'd probably add some peppers since I have plenty and a can of tomatoes. I am finishing up some Thai coconut soup I made- it was good but next time I'll add less broth so it's thicker and won't let it boil over on the stove and make a mess hahaha.

Kathy said...

Yum! Sounds delicious!

Meg B. said...

That sounds delicious. My husband and kids (save one dd) love my taco soup, which I make whenever I find myself with leftover chicken, turkey beef, or even pork. The recipe always varies, based on what is on hand in the pantry/freezer...sometimes corn will be added, sometimes canned tomatoes instead of salsa, etc. I also fix my own vwersion of quesadillas to accompany, which assures dd eats. Although, as I never make it the same way twice, there are some evenings when she enjoys it as well.
I do so enjoy your posts.

Linda said...

I make something similar called taco casserole, but it has cheese in it.

Busy Bee said...

I love taco soup. I cannot decide if I will make a pot of it this week or a pot of chili.

Belinda said...

Looks great, Carol. :)