Saturday, September 17, 2016

Baking from scratch and saving

 I decided upon making corn muffins to accompany tonight's soup. I also wished to use up some pantry ingredients, specifically the solid shortening (now gone) and powdered milk. I used a stored in the shortening container, paper towel/napkin that was still coated in shortening to grease the muffin tins, normally I'd just use paper muffin liners from Dollar Tree. I am in a use it up mode. I melted the residual shortening that I had, then added enough vegetable oil to get the amount required of fat for the recipe. The napkin has now been trashed. The repurposed, small plastic tub that housed these remains is now in the dish washer, to be washed, stored until needed again.
 When selecting my replacement tabletop convection mini oven, I made sure to get one large enough for my needs. Here you can see that a 12 count muffin pan fits nicely.
Here's the recipe I used: Basic corn muffin recipe. One of the perks of using the convection oven is that these were done in 15 minutes vs 20, thus saving electricity.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Your muffins look great, I make cornbread all the time. It is so easy and so good.

Busy Bee said...

I love cornbread! Hands down my favorite bread.