Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alas! It was time to say goodbye . .

 One of the marital possessions that I took with me upon divorce, was a relatively new, Sears canister vacuum. For about 2 years now, the floor attachment, seen above, has been duct taped to the wand of the vacuum. No issues, it worked fine . . until a few days ago, when the motorized carpet attachment simply up and died. I was hoping it overheated, that something* got caught in the beater bar while I was vacuuming under my bed. No such luck. The canister's motor, however, still runs well. I saw the writing on the wall, but didn't want to simply trash the still great if you only have wood/Linoleum floors canister vacuum. So, I posted the blue vacuum on several Freecycle sites, Facebook freecycle and tag sale sites and got several hits of interest today. Lady came by and happily grabbed it from me. She only has one carpet, so will look into buying a replacement motorized carpet attachment (I strongly suspect that it's either not available or is simply too expensive, given the age of the vacuum vs buying new). I'm glad that it is not in the trash, she is getting a working vacuum that will address the bulk of her home. I did tell her that Sears does carry a replacement floor attachment, should she want to invest $13 for that.
Well, I have 3 large area rugs on the main level, a carpeted den down cellar and 3 carpeted bedrooms as well as 3 sets of carpeted stairs. Back to Sears to see what they have, after first reading up on Consumer Reports recommendations. I looked on line at Sears and was pleased to see a sale in progress. I narrowed my selection down to 3 Kenmore models that all have a true HEPA filtration system, which is vital with our allergies.  I didn't want to spend more than $400. I went with the mid priced one, originally retailing for $499, it was on sale for $369. Great! But wait, let me check retail me not . .yes! I found an on line only code that took an additional $35 off, so now $334 plus $20 tax brought me to $354 out the door. Let's check availability:  they would ship it for free or I could pay now and they have it in stock at my local store, which is where I ended up going. I downloaded the Sears app and once I got confirmation of the order being ready for pickup, DD and I headed over to Merchadise Pick up. I parked in the reserved parking spot and within a few minutes (they guarantee under 5) they brought it right out to my car. I had to show my CC, and was also supposed to show my licence/photo ID, but when I asked them about it, they stated that I didn't need it.

So here she is! I intentionally continue to set aside monies every month to help with household expenditures such as this. My now former vacuum owes me nothing, this is a much nicer model and works very well so far.


meme said...

that is a beautiful looking vacuum! I love the "silvery" color of it.

I have had a Dyson for years now.

Linda said...

I love a canister vacuum! That one looks great.

Belinda said...

Very nice! We had one for years that still runs although the motorized head attachment died like yours.