Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Shoprite run

 While the inital month following the grand opening of this new store is over, there remain deals to be had. The grocery list is getting long, so I decided to run over this afternoon and get some of those items, as well as take advantage of the deals. Pictured are 3 pkgs of English muffins @ 79 cents. This was a rainchecked item from a few weeks ago. The customer service person apparently gave me the full amount possible, so after marking the rain check, it was returned to me, still good for another 9 pkgs. One of the joys of owning a freezer is stocking up on items. These are 20 cents less than what Aldi's gets.
 Dairy: almost out of both types of milk, I also got $1.25/8 oz block of cheese (Cheddar, Colby), 2 types of Galbani cheese sticks(been a very long time, had cpns), a 1/2 wheel of Provolone (this SR doesn't sell cheese ends, I had asked), a wedge of Parmesan, a block of Mozzarella, 2 doz eggs (sale plus cpn)
 Pantry: 3 boxes oats, 2 huge boxes Cheerios (sale plus cpns), 8 cans low salt Goya beans (sale plus cpns), pepper relish, 2 jars Ragu (sale plus cpn), beer for Sunday's beer battered fish.
 5 lbs Russets (cpn), organic Romaine hearts (cpn), tomatoes on the vine @ 99/lb, Swiss chard. Not organic but it's from Canada, and I willingly buy their produce. This hails from Trudeau Farms in Quebec
 2 pkgs of Chicken Italian sausage.  Sale plus $1.50 each pkg due to doubled coupons
 Taxables: 4 bottles of color care shampoo: sale plus BOGO coupon, I got all 4 bottles for a total of 5.98 or $1.49 ea before tax-nice; a pouch of dishwasher tabs on sale plus $2 off cpn=score!, 2 9 count pkgs of TP-again sale plus $1 off each cpns=$5.99 for TP that normally sells for $9.49. Thud! The $6 is about what I pay for Aldi's, which is what I normally use.
 Love seeing all of those cpns coming off. Total: $103.21
Before leaving the shopping plaza, I stopped at Dollar Tree for more peanuts, peroxide and a can of Spanish black olives to try. $4 total.


Busy Bee said...

Great stock up and combining of sales and coupons.

I'm always shocked at how expensive TP can be -- especially since we literally flush it away.

Hawaii Planner said...

Great shopping trip! Do you eat cold cereal as intended, or mix it into another form (bread crumbs, snacks, etc)?

CTMOM said...

Hawaii-as intended. DS asked for cheerios, I normally only buy Aldi's cold cereal but SR has 18 oz big boxes on sale fro $3.99 (already $1 off) and I added $1/off a box coupon on top of this, netting $2.99/box.

slugmama said...

Let me know how you like the DT olives. I need olives and don't want to pay $2 a can at the grocery store here. ick.