Friday, September 9, 2016

A grey area for me: the newspaper


I recently received a bill for a former tenant; I only ever opened it as I believed it to be a renewal for the newspaper delivery service. After consulting the LL, I wrote "return to sender" and "no forwarding address known" on the invoice. I subsequently did receive the newspaper renewal, which I had been expecting as the current subscription is through Oct 6.

Last year, I paid $147.60 for a 2 times/week delivery. I grew up with newspapers, my brothers both had paper routes.  I've grapled with the cost, however,

Enter an e-mail from the delivery service, offering the same 2 times/week delivery but for only $59.95. Reading the fine print, I discovered that this promo is only for new subscriptions. Why the heck were they sending it to me then???

I decided to put the paper in DS's name. We are trying to establish his credit, why not? I paid in full, using my credit card, but the subscription is in his name. Once I receive confirmation, I will cancel the remaining balance of papers under my name, and ask for a refund, per their policy.

This remains a grey area for me. I didn't seek a significant discount, they sent it to me, I am just trying to abide by the terms, creating a new subscription as a result and helping DS establish credit.



meme said...

I think it is a great idea to establish the credit for DS. It sounds like the newspaper company wants your business and sent you a good deal. I would have taken it too. I have had the newspaper delivered to me since I was probably about age 20. I get the newspaper everyday and read the entire thing - I always have, even as a kid with my parent's newspaper.

For me - the newspaper is a relaxing daily activity with a cup of coffee and I look forward to it.

meme said...

I forgot to add - I pay 25.99 a month for the newspaper. It is expensive at the end of the year - but it is really my only personal expense that is just for me. My daughter cuts my hair, I have not bought or used make up in over 14 years, I take very good care of my clothes and actually spend very little on myself.

missy said...

I would have done the same thing. I recently seen an ad for time Warner Cable for "new subscribers" for the exact TWC package we have but $40.00 cheaper. So I called and asked why when we have been customers for over 15 years that we can't get the same deal. Well of course they said that couldn't offer it to us so I asked to speak to manager who offered me a $5.00 discount for 12 months. Very sad that loyal customers never get the perks the new ones do.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have done the same as missy --with about the same results, although I think it might have been $10 a month discount. They sent me an offer IN MY BILL that was only for new subscribers---I objected to their lack of consideration!!

Linda said...

You did not approach them. They sought you. Plus, it will help son's credit. I started reading the paper when I was seven years old. It was one of my pleasures that the ex destroyed as long as he was around. He read it to me even after I told him to let me read it. I got the paper until it was always in a puddle and nothing was ever done to fix the problem. There was a paper box on the mailbox support. So, I don't get one now. Plus, my cataracts and lack of light make it impossible to read newsprint.

I complained that my family had used ATT,Bellsouth since 1954 and I could not understand why loyalty was not rewarded. I told them I would go elsewhere and wait for them to pay me to come back like my friend did. I ALWAYS got the new customer price.

Ms. Sandie said...

I would have done exactly the same thing. I just got a similar offer in the mail, and discussed it with DH. I have always enjoyed the paper, especially on Sunday's. He convinced me not to spend the money. That I read the news online now, flyers as well and print my own coupons.