Friday, September 30, 2016

A cold, raw Fall day with rain in the forecast

Weather forecast is lousy for the next few days. Really not complaining, we have remained in drought conditions for some time now. Friday's are assigned as leftover days, with little remaining in the fridge to fit that category, I decided to get a jump on dinner early today:

 4 cups of dried pintos are doing a quick soak before I will simmer them to softness. I await confirmation from my older 2 (plus 1-2) as to whether or not they will join me for dinner. Depending on the response, some precooked beans may be frozen for future meals (frozen assets).

A few soft, organic tomatoes that need to go, a pint of home canned of the same, a large onion, 2 pkgs of marked down ground chicken breast, chilli powder will join the party along with some* salt as I make a chilli. Perfect weather for it. I will also make a pan (large/small depending upon number of folks at the table), and hand grate some of my beloved Adam's Reserve NY state sharp Cheddar.

Ended up being just 4 out of the 6 originally expected so 3 bags (2 cups each) of cooked pintos are now fzn assets, and one lb og ground ck breast is frozen. One smallish serving remains for an upcoming lunch.


Linda said...

On a raw day, that sounds warming. I like chili without beans and I cannot have the beef. Since I have been wanting chili, I should make some with my ground pork. Well, that is a good idea, but it's going back up in the 90s next week. Your freezing some of the beans would be a good head start on another meal. It's just in high 80s right now with no rain forecast for another week. I am waiting for that raw day to make hot chocolate, like I need chocolate!

Busy Bee said...

We're having a rainy overcast day. Beans sound perfect, but we have a spaghetti squash to use so that is on the menu.

Belinda said...

Chili sounds perfect for the chilly weather.