Sunday, August 21, 2016

Unloading what we no longer want

Long gone are the days when I could have declared a tax deductable, charity contribution so I am able to unload/declutter what we no longer want/need, using any means possible (besides trashing it if it's still servicable). Initially, I did post my old bed on several, local Facebook town sale sites, later lowering the price-never any nibbles. It's a big piece, I need to get it out of here, do not want to have to pay to do so, and am physically limited in my abilities to load a truck.

Option 2: post on a community wide, Freecyle site, from which I immediately found 2 interested parties.

First person came early Saturday morning, and is thrilled to get it. He was moving yesterday, so this came at a great time. It's out of here, he's furnishing his new place=win-win in my book. 30 year old wooden bed with a minor repair needed doesn't owe me anything. Glad to have blessed someone else in the process.


meme said...

That person sounds very excited to have received your bed! I am taking a break from deep cleaning my house to read blogs, have a sandwich for lunch.

We had our yard sale two weeks ago - did not sell everything and after straightening up this morning - I already want another yard sale !

Ms. Sandie said...

Always feel good when we do for ourselves AND someone else.

thyme2save said...

Good deal all around.

TrayceeBee said...

Perfect resolution!