Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trying very hard not to waste anything

Pictured are "saved food items" from cooking this week. To the left top: the reserved chicken fat from braising off the 5 chicken thighs Monday night; below: the reserved beef tallow from frying off some homemade hamburger patties for lunch yesterday; to the right: the defatted, chicken stock from the aforementioned chicken thighs. For health reasons, I've moved to no margarine, just butter in the kitchen, preferably organic when Whole Foods has it on sale 2/$5. To conserve the expensive butter, I turn to reserved cooking fats (highly prized is my jar of bacon fat), including the above. With reduced amounts of meat in our dishes, for health as well as economic reasons, a flavoring of bacon fat in a dish goes far to enrichen the meal being made. I still also use EVOO and vegetable oils, and am trying to use up my solid shortening, which I tend to only use one tub/year in pie crusts. The chicken stock can be used to make a sauce, gravy, while cooking rice.

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