Thursday, August 4, 2016

Taking advantage of the deals: new grocery store opening

A Shoprite has taken over where there used to be an A & P-literally just minutes from our home. Very, very convenient and a nice, clean store. Lots of grand opening specials to be had,  sales on items we need;  this is what I came home with:

6 29 oz cans of no salt tomato sauce @ 79
1 large jug cat litter
4 boxes pasta @ 79
3 boxes Jello @ 85 (request)
1 bag bird seed
2 suet cakes for birds
dill weed @ $1.79
1 apple juice @ $1.59 (request)
1 ginger ale @ 88 (request)
2 lb box baking soda @ $1.29
3 Porterhouse steaks-a rare item on  our dinner plates @ $5.88
8 oz pkg shredded cheese @ 99
18 ct lg eggs @ 88 cents!
1 Tropicana oj @ $1.99
milk @ $3.29
low salt turkey, P & P, 8 slices Havarti w/ dill from Deli
Amer cheese @ $2.99/lb from Deli
2, 2 lb bags fzn Whiting @ $2/lb
bake shop lemon pudding cake @ 99 cents
2 VO5 shampoo/conditioner @  63 cents

Cat/bird supplies: $13.78
Groceries: $66.91

In the same lot, there is a Dollar Tree. I also stopped in there for the following:

dish soap
1 liter Sprite (request)
2 28 oz cans baked beans
2 pkgs cheese crackers with peanut butter
1 bag potatoe chips
1 denture cleaning cup holder (I'll be reimbursed)

Combined with other August shopping trips, I have now spent  $166.68 out of my $300 budget. The house is stocked.


Rhonda said...

You got good prices!
In my town, Dollar Tree is right next door to Aldi- very convenient for us budget watchers!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Grand openings are great. I use them to stock up on things!

CTMOM said...

Rhonda, yes here in the city, we also have an Aldi's with a Dollar Tree next door; located a few exits over from the highway.

Belinda said...

Great deals! It's nice to be stocked up this early in the month. :)

CT Bargain Mom said...

Nice deals!

Linda said...

You found some great deals.

Busy Bee said...

We have two new grocery stores coming to town and I am looking forward to their opening specials. We have Aldi, FoodLion, and Walmart Neighborhood Market that each have reasonable prices. Then we have Harris Teeter and Fresh Market, which are more expensive over all. However, the more expensive stores do have a larger variety of items and cherry picking from them is kind of nice. There are several dollar trees and a few independent grocery stores, too.