Monday, August 15, 2016

September 2016 dinner menus


Mid month already, for a stock taking and menu planning. Vegetable sides are TBD, based on farmer's market, seasonal produce, if not what little canned/fzn is on hand. Here's what is on deck for the new month:

1-spaghetti w/ fzn meatballs, fzn garlic bread, salad
2-pizza (restaurant)
3-soup/sandwich dinner plans out to eat
4-BBQ split fzn chicken breast, garlic seasoned noodles, coleslaw
5-baked fzn white fish fillets, fzn l/o white rice,
6-dinner for one, so L/O
7-dinner for 2: fzn l/o beef-black bean taco (filling), corn
8-hotdogs (fzn) buns, pork beans (fzn), coleslaw
10- soup/sandwich
11-marinated fzn London broil, baked potato, salad
12-creamed tuna (need fzn peas, use fzn creamed onions), over l/o fzn white rice
13-dinner for 2: fzn small Shepardess pie, salad
14-apple-chicken (fzn) sausage quiche using fzn cheese, salad
15-turkey (use fzn cooked) tacos, salad
16-homemade Ital sausage (fzn) pizza
18-Beer battered Whiting (fzn), over fries, coleslaw
19-marinated BSCB (fzn), buttered noodles, salad
21-CP sweet n sour meatballs (use fzn grnd pork, reserved Chinese Duck sauce), rice
22-vegetarian ziti bake, salad, garlic bread
25-turkey pot pie ((use fzn cooked turkey, fzn poultry stock, fzn puff pastry), salad
26-pan seared fzn Whiting, coleslaw, oven fries,
27-college nite: CP fzn pork chops, fzn apple sauce, fzn stuffing
29-college nite: kielbasa (fzn), fzn pork beans, salad

Besides the usual perishables (i e. dairy, produce), I will need: hot dog buns, fzn peas, pie crust, beer, cabbage, salad ingredients


Linda said...

I don't know how a person can plan that far ahead! There are days when I have chicken and vegetables to eat, but just decide I want some spaghetti. Your list is just mindboggling. But, if it works, I suppose it is freeing to know what you have to do what you want to eat.

CTMOM said...

linda, All of my adult life, I have menu planned in advance. I went from 1 to 2 weeks, then moved to a ahead. Food stuffs bought on sale month 1, at bottom prices appear on future menus. It's the backward approach compared to what most do: decide what they want, regadless of price, and ultimately spend much more than I do, using my methods. This works to keep my grocery budget low, yet allows me to offer a varied diet to my family, including some treats.

Linda said...

Actually, that is how I shop, whatever is on sale. There is no way I can afford to eat higher priced food. Tonight, I got the Aldi's specials--cantaloupe$.98; blueberry pint, $1.49; grape tomato pint, $.89; bananas, $.39/lb. I ate cherries and green grapes when they were very cheap. However, I would kill for a cherry noe, but at $4/lb, I will eat the cheaper blueberries.

I saw a poster meant to help poor people shop frugally. One thing was--make a list and stick to it. There was no mention of switching the meat if another was cheaper, etc.

Busy Bee said...

I love that you can write it all out like that. I keep a mental list of what we have on hand, but my family likes to have say. A lot of evenings after we eat I ask them what they want the next evening. I usually offer them two or so choices and they pick one.

Once in a while I go out and pick up an ingredient for a special dish, but I often try to just plan a few special dishes in when I am shopping so I know I can pull a rabbit from the hat so to speak.

I love cherry picking sales to keep my pantry and freezer stocked. Normally at any given moment we could eat for a few weeks with no noticeable difference if I could not get to the store.