Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Quick and easy supper

 I wasn't feeling great yesterday, so I was glad that I had planned a quick and easy supper: tacos which were supposed to use planned over steak (London broil) from Sunday that got switched out. DS #1 and GF joined us for dinner and DD's BF was also here so I grabbed some BSCB that I recently bought @ $1.49/lb, marinated them in an Asian type dressing and baked them off. I have one large BSCB leftover so I used some of that, chopped, for a taco-pink bean filling (using my last can of low salt pink beans), homemade taco seasoning, a bit of water.
 Dollar Tree tortillas
 Most of the end of a block of Adam's Reserve Cheddar was used, a soft tomato, a bit of lettuce was slivered
My last can of no salt corn.

It worked.

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Anne in the kitchen said...

It worked and it looks really good!