Monday, August 15, 2016

Overbudget, but got some great deals

Last minute guests for supper sent me over to Shoprite to take advantage of this week's grocery deals, including the following:

-Tide simple (free after coupon)

-4 cans each no salt gr beans, kernal corn  @ 50 cents
-4 boxes fancier pasta cuts (sale plus big coupon)

-2 ears cotc
-Bartletts @ 69/lb

-London broil @ $1.99
-4 lbs Hatfield bacon @ $2.99

-neufchatel cheese
-2 8 oz blocks ea: Cheddar, Monteray Jack @ $1.24
-18 ct eggs
-AJ waffles @ 99

-1 lb each BH buffalo ck, low salt turkey (coupon deals-both fzn for future)blurry, sorry
-2 rotisserie chickens @ $3.99

-6 ct muffins
-store bakery pie

Paid $57.12

I also stopped over at Dollar Tree (out of trash bags and refuse to pay higher prices at SR and Aldi's is some distance away). 4, 10 ct boxes made in USA (vs the made in China brand). $4.25. Works for me. SR had their kitchen garbage bags on sale at $6 for a comparable amount (think theirs was a 44 ct pkg)


Lee Ann said...

you always come up with some good deals!

CTMOM said...

Lee Ann, I am over budget but have stocked the freezer with a good variety of meats: turkey breast, Ital sausage, grnd chicken and beef, chicken quarters, London broil, bacon-all come immediately to mind.

Lili said...

You got a lot of great deals. I'm hoping to find beef for a a good price, soon. Nothing so far.

Belinda said...

Some great deals there, good idea on getting the trash bags at DT.

CTMOM said...

Lili, as Fall approaches, I also hope to grab some sale priced beef roasts. I am pleased with the variety and amount of meats in the freezer: Ital sausages, hotel turkey, grnd pork/chicken/beef, hot dogs, Kielbasa, BSCB, split ck breast, apple chicken sausage, bacon, ham bones, sliced cooked ham, cooked turkey, deli turkey and deli chicken breast, cubed steaks, a small steak, London broil, pork chops, ck thighs, ground chicken patties, ham stock, poultry stock, l/o cooked beef roast.