Sunday, August 7, 2016

Our insurance company simply is going to love us!


We are all trying to get our medical appoijntments in before Sept 1, when our $6000 deductible starts again. DD had some outpatient procedures this week that included 3 biopsies. We aren't worried, just trying to get to the bottom of her on going issues. Since biopsies were done, the bill shot up and will be submitted to insurance as surgery.


Once home, a few small spots aka rash started. Fastforward, a quickly spreading, allergic rash developed. MD on call consulted, we were instructed to go to the ER. 3 1/2 hours later, we returned home. DD will be fine, she's on steroids for the rash, we need to try to determine what caused this, so will be requesting her operating/anesthesia reports to see what they used. $3.09 for RX, whihc DD paid for, which is our agreement.

Additiionally, we have 3 more MD appointments already scheduled this month, along with a dental cleaning (always covered 100% regardless of our deductible). There may be more appointments over the next 3 weeks. Taking care of matters while we can.


meme said...

your daughter is in my thoughts and prayers. My husband is allergic to the 'contrast' for scans and can get a terrible allergic reaction to them.

Linda said...

I have allergic reactions to everything. It is so annoying besides being dangerous. One doctor was frantic, asking me what happened and what he should do. I have never seen panic like that from a doctor. He was running in his office. I am glad she has it taken care of now.