Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Leftover Wednesday


2 days a week, "leftovers" is the theme of my dinner menus: Wednesdays, DS eats with Dad (sometimes DD joins them) and Fridays also tends to be dinner for 2. A third leftovers night may happen come the weekend as Saturday's menu plan for dinner tends to be soup/sandwich-a natural vehicle for using foodstuffs up before they turn.

Tonight's leftover menu will be steak fajitas on flour tortillas, with a side of canned corn. I will be using up leftover Porterhouse steaks that proved to be too much for all of us, portion wise (I am not a big meat eater). Even DS couldn't finish his! I will use some soy sauce that I decanted from take out packets into a small jar, as well as the remains of a Dollar Tree pkg of fzn multi colored peppers and onion strips, a small tub of leftover Chinese dumpling sauce (like a sesame seed infused soy sauce), sesame oil blended with some vegetable oil, flour tortillas. Easy-peasy!

 Once I trimmed the meat off of the bones, there was plenty of meat here; while I am only feeding 2 tonight, I easily could feed 3.

 The grilled meat bones are placed in my $2.99 Crock Pot, along with any grizzly bits of meat, and covered with water to make a small bone broth.

 Later today, this will be strained and then I will chill it and reserve any beef tallow, before freezing the remaining broth. Come cooler weather, the addition of some homemade broth to our weekly (some weeks, it ends up being several batches a week!)soup pot will be welcomed.

 The cooked fajita filling. I also suggested serving this as pepper steak over rice, DD wanted fajitas.

My supper plate, simply delicious!


Busy Bee said...

I love leftovers. I haven't really had much in the way of them this week, but I did cook an entire bag of lentils to use throughout the week. I've had lentil burgers, lentil tacos, and tonight will be lentil shepherd's pie. Next week my plan is to cook a different variety of beans to work into our meals.

Linda said...

Where did you get a $3 crockpot? I found one for $3 at a yard sale, new in the box. People who don't eat leftovers puzzle me.

CTMOM said...

Linda-At Salvation Army, a few years ago: Like new condition, I suspect it was used once.