Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Last night's baking

 One batch of Jordan Marsh's blueberry muffins
and substituting some banana puree as well as chopped pecans from the freezer, and changing up the sugar topping by adding some cinnamon, I used the same recipe to make some banana nut muffins. One substitution that I used in both batches: unsweetened almond milk for dairy milk. MD recommends that I drink it, I can't tolerate it in cereal, so coming up with creative ways to incorporate it into my cooking.

I still have more bananas (turned to quickly) to use up, so am planning on making a banana sheet cake with coconut topped, cream cheese frosting today. I continue to use what is on hand, but aiming to also continue to mix it up so that it's not always the same thing.


Linda said...

Do you ever freeze bananas for future baking? I peel the banana and cut it in half
, wrap in waxed paper and put in a freezer bag. That way, I can only use part of the bag as I need it. Don't ever freeze a whole banana to thaw later because it is like peeling snot. I need to bake something.

CTMOM said...

Yes, but I find that it tends to get lost in the freezer, IME. Best to deal with it now.

meme said...

the muffins look delicious!

Busy Bee said...

I have some bananas sitting out and I am waiting for them to get ripe enough for banana bread. We baked lemon poppy seed muffins last night for a quick grab and go for my daughter for this morning.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I mash the bananas with a fork and then freeze in a small Tupperware or other plastic container. I prefer 3 in one container but I mark the top as to the number of bananas inside as they don't always get overripe 3 at a time.

My local farm stand has been known to give them away during the summer when they ripen quickly and do not sell. In which case, I am always willing to take three off their hands. Banana bread is one of my favorites, although I don't think my husband had it at home as often as he does since we married!