Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kitchen repair

 I knocked over my glass bottle of cloves this morning, breaking the plastic lid in the process. I folded over a piece of wax paper, slipped it under the cracked lid and tightened it onto the bottle. I trimmed the wax paper to form more of a circle.
 I then taped the lid back together. I will be keeping the wax paper underneath, BTW. An older relative taught me to do this years ago!


Beth said...

I love Penzy's but break those lids on a regular basis. Thanks for the tip.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Same for me. My grand-daughter saves me lids from her used up bottles. I have tried various remedies but none is perfect. I will try the waxed paper one next time I need it--which I'm sure will be soon!

Busy Bee said...

Great tip! I try to keep the few glass bottles with metal lids that I run across. I stick them in the back of the cabinet for transfer emergencies.

Linda said...

I just ate when that happens! I broke the lid on the quart of Miracle Whip by dropping it on the floor. Since I have broken the top of my Lipton Instant Tea twice, I have a small plastic container where I pour some into. This has a flip lid so I can pour it out instead of using a spoon.

For years, I have used the wax paper trick. It's trouble, but it works. If I ever have a bottle with a metal lid that becomes empty, I save it for the time I break a plastic lid.