Thursday, August 18, 2016

I've broken up

With my standing freezer that I bought back in 2012. While the convenience of a fridgerator type door over bending into a chest freezer is nice, I have not been happy with it. This was my first experience with a standing freezer. It tends to ice up quickly and not keep door items frozen, sometimes the top shelf items aren't as frozen as I feel they should be. This morning, DD reported some water on the garage floor. I've researched this, and could* be just the condensor defrosting it, but it's the last straw for me. I've been thinking of replacing it for some time now.


This GE energy star model is $40 off at Home Depot, but back ordered. I checked at every appliance source around-same story, some with even further out delivery dates.

So, I paid for this, including tax and a delivery fee, and the projected delivery date is a week out (8/26). My experience, fingers crossed, with HD is that items are often available before that date. So, glad the freezer is fuller, to keep items cold. I checked, everything seems ok (I no longer hold anything in the door).

I don't think that I will ever go back to a standing freezer; I grew up with a chest freezer, had them at my marital home for years. This new one is smaller than the current one, intentionally so as the kids are slowly fleeing the nest. The current one is an energy star Maytag, 15.3 cubic feet, while the new one will be a GE energy star 10.6 cubic feet.

Anyone else find stand freezers to be problematic?


Linda said...

My mother had a standing freezer because of her back problems. She never had a problem with the freezer. It did have to be thawed, emptied about once a year. I never had a freezer until about 1991. Then, it quit last year, ruining all inside. If you had the automatic defrost kind, they do thaw ice and often some of what's in the freezer, refreezing it safely.

Now, I want the 3.5 automatic defrost, forgot the brand. I really need it.

I would put a thermometer in the current freezer just to see how it holds itema.

Busy Bee said...

I have a small chest freezer, but I much prefer a standing freezer. Funny how people are, but it is much easier for me to keep organized. I also feel like I can "pack" it better. However, I am satisfied with my small chest freezer for now and I am hoping it lasts until we are down to just two living in the house.

CTMOM said...

Linda, the stand freezer builds a huge snowy, ice dam every year (too quickly IMO) that we remove. I should be able to use the door shelves, but it simply doesn't freeze there (my cold backs for Summer groceries remain liquid). So, we are watching it, not thnat I can do anything beyond possibly buying bags of ice, but it's pretty full, due to recent stock ups. Just hoping the replacement comes early/on time next week and isn't delayed.

CTMOM said...

Busy, I have always tried to corral like foods together in my freezers, just easier to find items. The new one has 2 baskets that slide back/forth. I anticipate also using my plastic baskets to organize as well.

Julie Vidani said...

I have had an upright freezer from Sears for many years. because I keep it in the garage, I was told not to get a automatic defrosting one. About 2-3 times a year, I completely empty it and put pots of boiling water on the shelves for a quick (30 minute) defrost. I use plastic bins to sort by type of product.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have had a huge chest freezer and now I have an upright one. I prefer the upright, even though I don't think it holds as much---but I'm only just 5 feet tall and I practically had to dive into the chest freezer to find things. Mine requires a good once a year defrost (it's "self defrosting" but someone always leaves the door open a crack a time or two, so it does ice up then. We just did the annual defrost--like Linda described with buckets of boiling water--a couple weeks ago. Mine is so old it's from Montgomery Wards' which has not been in this area in a long time now, but I'm hoping it holds up a while longer. Only problem is a cosmetic one--dampish basement, and hubby has slapped some rust inhibitor on it so it looks tacky but works well so far.

Just got a new fridge today with bottom freezer. Amana, just like the one I got rid of, only 20 years newer. I threw some stuff out, and I ended up with too much left over to go into the new one. It's only 2 cubic feet smaller but I can tell the difference already. Still, we are only two people, so I just need to adjust my buying habits for fewer ingredients on hand. I seldom entertain anymore either. The excess food fits in the upright freezer for now but I do intend to downsize my buying. I am trying to encourage my pack rat husband to think minimalist. That will be a project in itself. I am accustomed to buying ahead when sales come up but getting my husband to rotate stock has been difficult, so some things hung around too long. My new motto is BUY LESS, THINK MORE. IF it's less crammed full, I can better track what needs to be used up. That's the plan anyhow.

Linda said...

Teach him "first in, first out" in order not to have things hang around.

I have never heard of a properly working upright self-defrosting freezer getting enough ice to have to defrost it. Now, my freezer over the refrigerator did get ice buildup from something shifting and opening the door a tiny bit. However, eventually, all that ice is cleared away. I am beginning to suspect this freezer is not working as it should.

I got rid of a 30-yr-old ref/freezer because it no longer would defrost the ice. Soon, I could only get an ice tray in! Later, an appliance repair man said that was a $30 fix. If water will no freeze on the door, I worry your other food is not staying cold enough. Freezer thermometers are $2-$3. Even if you have a new freezer on the way, you might want to see how cold things are now.

carol pavlik said...

We have an upright bought used, no idea how old. I know that. A chest freezer is more economical but as a shortie I could not reach the bottom and I had a horrible keeping it organized. I have four plastic bins that are almost the size of the shelves. Each with a category. When its time to defrost I pull them out stack them and cover with an old moving quilt. These bins have handles on the front and came with lids which I still have. They have never cracked. Im thinking they were pricey (15) but worth it to me. Even with an upright you need to reach stuff in back.

thyme2save said...

IMO, fridges and freezers in our homes should be what works best for us. NOW, I have a frost-free, pull-out, freezer drawer with my fridge; a very small defrost-yourself freezer; and a frost-free upright freezer. Total freezing capacity is about 32 cubic feet. We bought the fridge/freezer drawer, but the other 2 freezers were gifts.

The frost-free upright is in the garage, where temps have been as high as 120 to 130 this summer. Of course, the upright self-defrosting freezer in the garage does not stay as cold when garage is 120 to 130 degrees.

Having had an upright freezer connected to a fridge in the past, it does not fit my lifestyle. Homemade ice cream cakes, baked cakes, pizzas, casseroles, and many other foods are not compatible when stored in large supply. Also, preparing in advance for larger events leaves insufficient space.

Not being take-out eaters, we prepare many containers of foods for in-take instead of take-out meals. Convenient for us.

Families schedules and preferences dictate the importance for kind of freezer and size for us, but most of all, having a freezer is still a glorious luxury for me. I began marriage with a 2-ice-cube tray and 2 (16-ounce) boxes of frozen veggies capacity. Took forever to freeze water.

Belinda said...

We gave away our stand up freezer because it was not frost free and I didn't like dealing with that. I have a chest freezer now, which I prefer. :)